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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mbah Surip - Tak Gendong

Mbah Surip - Tak GendongReggae singer, Mbah Surip died Tuesday (4/8/2009) at 10:30 WIB. Singer song 'Tak Gendong' which has a native name Urip Ariyanto. According to the ID card, he was born in 1963. Mbah Surip wash billions of rupiah from the money ring back tone (RBT) 'Tak Gendong'.

Singer Bob Marley-style with the famous 'I Love You Full' plan to make this album not long Ramadan. He also intends to invite Manohara for duet. Farewell, Mbah Surip ....

Track List :

* Bangun tidur
* Tak gendong
* I Love you full
* Aku ganteng
* Melody scurity
* Ujug - ujug
* Tukang nasi goreng
* Dikejar-kejar
* Enak tenan
* Sejarah cinta

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Wali - Cari Jodoh

wali band, cari jodohWali band re-issued a new album which they named "Cari Jodoh".After success with their first album titled "Orang Bilang" in 2008 they now try to repeat again with their first single, also entitled "Cari Jodoh"

Band of Faank (vocal), Apoy (guitar), Tomie (drums), Ovie (kibord), and Nunu (bass) invites a group buffoonery Cagur and beautiful artist Happy Salma to be the model of the video clip "Cari Jodoh". In the album "Cari Jodoh" contains 10 tracks of easy listening and the people readily accepted.

Tracklist Wali Album Cari Jodoh (2009)

Wali - Cari Jodoh
Wali - Baik-baik Sayang
Wali - Kekasih Halal
Wali - Puaskah
Wali - Jodi (Jomblo Ditinggal Mati)
Wali - Yank
Wali - Adinda
Wali - Suka Atau Tidak
Wali - Jangan Tuduh Aku
Wali - Harga Diriku

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dygta - 5 Hati Untuk Cinta

Dygta, 5 Hati Untuk CintaDygta, famous band of 5 young guys namely Yon (keyboard), Adjie (Vocal), Dicky (guitar), Aang (drums), and Sigit (bass). They released fifth albums to be given the title of "5 Hati Untuk Cinta".

This album contains 12 songs that serve the songs with the touch of love for the music varied, different from their earlier albums. And the hits as the first selected a single track titled "Cinta Sudah Terlambat". Dygta also collaborated with Imel Ten2Five in a song titled "Hanya Kau Yang Bisa".

Track List Dygta Album 5 Hati Untuk Cinta

Dygta - Pencarianku
Dygta - Cinta Sudah Terlambat
Dygta - Kembalilah
Dygta - Gelisah
Dygta - Jangan Dengar Mereka
Dygta - Untukmu
Dygta - Pelangi Terindah
Dygta - Hanya Kau Yang Bisa feat. Imel
Dygta - Belum Terlambat
Dygta - Tentang Kita
Dygta - Menunggu
Dygta - Bila Memang Harus Berakhir

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